What's the difference between a print and a giclee print?

The word Giclee derives from the French word for ‘nozzle’ and is pronounced ‘Zhee-Clay’. It is an unregulated word, so has come to be used for any fine art that’s printed by an inkjet printer, there are four basic criteria that must be met in order for a print to be considered Giclee. You must have proper resolution, archival paper, pigmented ink as well as an ink jet printer.

We require a 300dpi digital image of your file when sending it to us for print. The resolution is beyond our control unless you send your image to us for photographic reproduction. It is recommended that you upload a full size 300dpi image when you are sending to us to print.

At PBJ Prints we use Canon Photo and Reproduction paper. Wth appropriate storage conditions our papers have a 200 year archival rating from Canon.

Our printer models are equipped with a multi-sensor device. This device enables for professional color calibration for consistent color reproduction from print to print. These printers deliver ultra-high-quality imaging, using an ink set capable of producing archival output with an extraordinary range of vibrant colors, subtle hues, and deep shadows. Our printer is top of the line and the only printer licensed and calibrated to Pantone colors. Enabled with a 10 ink cartridge gamut, an 11th color Flourescent Pink calibrated with Radiant Infusion Technology. This is the only printer capable on the market of layering Fluorescent Pink Ink with other inks on the paper surface during printing! Producing bright and soft color reproduction unmatched by any other.

We ONLY use these papers and this printer for Giclee printing while the other options like the https://pbjartprints.com/collections/art-prints and  https://pbjartprints.com/collections/posters are either not on this specific printer or they are not using this paper therefore it throws them out of the Giclee category.