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Clocks and Gears Portrait

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    Clocks and Gears Portrait - Artist by WeJo Arts - clocks and gears rice paper, Decoupage Rice Paper, Steampunk Rice Paper

    Product Details

    Steampunk Style Decoupage Paper for your crafting projects created by Wendy at WeJo Arts.    This paper is best used over a white painted background to pop some of the colors in it. 

    These papers are very easy to apply and blend for any of your crafting projects:

    Paint your piece and apply using the decoupage medium of choice.    Allow to dry and reapply medium to any areas that may have not adhered properly.   This is a thicker paper so 'bubbling' should not be an issue.   Once the medium has dried you can begin blending into the edges of your piece if needed as well as adding any embellishments such as glaze and crackle.

    Decoupage Rice Paper

    We scrounged the world for this paper and we are in love! This paper is handmade and luxurious. You will not find any other like it. This is silky smooth, thin and pliable at 16gsm weight. It blends into furniture beautifully and will make your crafts look like they were hand-painted.